I wake up at seven and sigh. Waking up to go to school for 8 hours isn’t fantastic.  I crawl out of my bed and search for the light button. I finally arrive in the bathroom I take a long, warm shower. After 20 minutes of stalling I get out of the shower and I get dressed. I walk downstairs and when I open the door my dog come to greet me. I get on my knees and pet him. This dog is the only thing that keeps me in this house.  I pick a plate and a glass from the cabinet and I notice the blue cup. I ignore it and grab an ordinary glass. I find some old bread and jam that is probably expired. I eat some old bread with jam and pick all essential things for a school day. An banana, my apple earbuds and a scarf. I throw everything in my bag and leave the house. When I walk outside I notice that the clothes I’m wearing are way too hot for a day like this. I get on my bike and race to the station.

I notice that there is nobody here. It is an Tuesday. Why is nobody on their way to work? I walk thru the main entrance and still no people. A normal person would stop and go back now. But I walk even faster. I don’t see any ropes with ‘Do not enter’. So that gives me the right to go to my platform and wait for my train. I check in and run op the stairs to platform eleven. I get up there and an turn around. Waiting for something to happen. An deafening, squeaky sound makes me cover my ears really fast. I turn back and then I see very bright lights and the high pitched noise gets worse. And strong gust of wind causes me to fall over on the ground. I’m trying to see what in god’s name is happening but the light is too bright to see anything. After 2 minutes the light and the annoying sound finally stop. I stand up and see that a train arrived.

I slowly walk over to the train. It isn’t an normal blue and yellow train but it’s grey and metallic. It is also very short. I think it’s only one compartment of the train. I’m waiting for any explanation because why is there a weird train in an empty station? As I’m speculating about this mystery someone leans on my shoulder. “Isn’t she a beauty?” I hear a man’s voice say. I jump away from the weird guy I front of me. “What the hell!” I yell. The guys makes a weird move with his feet. Some sort of jump. “You don’t have to be so frightened. You need to help me” he says. He is wearing a white lab coat and orange Nikes. His blond hair peaks every way possible and the ends are black. I think he is in his thirties.

“I’m sorry. Why? How? Who are you?” I ask. He is really jumpy and he never stops moving. Talking to him is an hard assignment. He looks up to the sky and sees it’s raining and he sighs. “Not the best weather to travel” he says. I’m getting mad. “Sir, who are you and why do you need me?” I ask. He walks up to me and  grabs my shoulders. “You have to come with me” He says. I roll my eyes because this man is so vague. “Go where?” I ask. “To the future“ he whispers.

“Okay, Dude. I don’t know what you took but I’m taking you to the hospital” I say. He shakes his head very fast. “No, no, no, Mary. You have to help me! The life of our…I mean your kids depend on it” he says. I pretend not to hear his grose comment about us having kids together and laugh it off. “My kids? Dude, I’m 17. Are you on acid?” I ask. Then he grabs my arm and pulls me with him. ”Hey, stop that. Let go” I yell while trying get out.  He lets me go and makes a gesture to the door as a sign that I have to get in. “Well, everything better then school, I guess” and I get in. I sit down in an chair. He puts on these weird pilot glasses and spreads his legs for stability while he holds on to some sort of wheel. He also presses a button and the radio starts playing. “All Star” from Smash mouth starts playing and quickly he presses the button again so the music shuts off. “I’m sorry” he says and he looks down. How did he know I hate that song? “So, where do we go?” I ask.

“The year 2037, eleventh of may” he says. I roll my eyes again. This guy is full of crap. But I still got in his train, so what does that make me? “So, traveling 20 years forward, huh, does that take 20 years or is it an hour road trip?” I ask laughing. But my laughing is done very quickly when the train gets in motion. This time it doesn’t make that terrible noise but this time I feel how fast it goes.  I get pressed into my chair and I have a hard time keeping my face in his natural stage. The guy looks back at me and laughs. I am so confused. “What is your name?” I ask.


“Emmet”. He pauses for a second. “Brown”.

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