The guy from last night

The guy from last night

Zoë Dumay, is a 25 year old model and lives with her Persian cat, Lola in an appartment in Manhatten. Last night she had a party in her house and invited some friends and they also brought some friends. They all had a good time and enjoyed some good music that was played by Julius a 27 year old, Brooklyn native upcoming but very popular DJ. Zoë likes Julius but never had the nerve to ask him out. But because of the party and some drinks she asked for his number..

It is the day after a wild night out. A ray of sunshine hits Zoë in her face, she opens one eye and stretches her arms. Lola, her Persian cat jumps on her bed. “Hey honey how are you” Zoë asked her cat while hugging her. She puts Lola on her pillow and jumps out of bed to give her some milk. “It’s such a beautiful day isn’t it Lola?” Zoe opens her curtains, walks towards her kitchen and opens her fridge. She grabs the milk and pours it into a glass. “Look at this Lola, delicous milk” Lola jumps out of bed and walks towards Zoe and drinks the milk.

“I need to clean my room, yesterday was fun but everything is a big mess now” she tells herself. “Where should I start?” she asks herself. Before she can answer herself her phone rings. “wait, where did I put my phone?” Zoe tries to figure out where her phone is. “Ah I see” she runs towards her couch but she is too late. She looks at the caller ID. “Julius The Guy You Just Met” Zoe laughs “he’s is the guys from last night I just met.” “Do you think he wants to ask me out” she asks Lola who’s only paying attention to her milk. “You know what, I need to call him back” Zoe dials his number and waits while being a little nervous. “Hello” a firm, but also friendly voice she hears from the other side of the phone line. Zoe jumps out of her couch “.. Hey uhh, you called me” “Yes, I did” He laughs. “Do you want to have breakfast with me at that new Parisian café?” Zoe walks towards her big window and opens it. The sun lights up her room, it is a very sunny morning. “Yes I would love that, but are you that guy who played some good music last night ?” Julius laughs “That was me yes, I am a DJ. It was a good party though” “It sure was”says Zoë. “Let’s meet in an hour?” asks Julius. “Great I’ll be there”

Zoë always wanted to go tot the new cafe. “I’ll clean up my room after my breakfast date, but now I need to get ready” She goes to the bathroom and get’s ready for her date. When she’s done, she looks in her mirror “maybe I should go for a messy bun and mascara, so it would look ike I just got out of bed” she laughs.

“Alright Lola, I’m leaving you for an hour or so. I’ll be back” she grabs her bag and kimono vest and goes out. When she’s outside she looks up and blocks her face with her hands and smiles. “This will be a good day, I feel it”

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