Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,


This morning I woke up and I looked in the mirror. I saw that I was wearing a pirate’s outfit. I saw on my desk a pirate’s hat. I walked downstairs with it to ask my mom why I looked like this. But when I came downstairs I couldn’t find my mom. I noticed a door that wasn’t there before. I opened the weird looking wooden door and I stepped through it. Suddenly I was on a pirate’s ship. I saw a lot of man dressed as pirate’s. I walked to a man and asked him what was going on. His answer was: “But captain, don’t you know? We’re going to search for Davy Jones’s heart. And when we have the heart we have to stab it. That way you and the crew are free”. I was stunned. The pirate took me to the captain’s hut.


I walked into the room and I saw a map on a desk. There was also a compass on the desk. I opened it, but to me it looked like it was broken. I turned around and saw a big table in the room. I walked to the table and I saw silver plates, silver forks, knifes and spoons. There was also a lot of fruit on the table. I asked the pirate where we were going. He said: “We don’t know where Davy Jones his heart is, but you can use the compass”. I told him that it was broken. He said that it wasn’t broken. It points to where you want to go. I opened the compass and it pointed east. I followed the compass. I walked up stairs and went to the weird looking wooden door I opened it and walked through it. It was already dark outside. Was I gone a whole day? I saw my living room. I saw my parents sitting on the couch. I hugged them and told them about the crazy day I had. Now I’m going to sleep, hoping that tomorrow will be a normal day.



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