The night he flew…

The night he flew…

The night he flew…

It was a cloudy nigh the darkness covered the city like a thick blanket. The wind blew the smell of car air refresher across the street. You could smell it even when inside.

Mr Busch hurried down a dark street, holding onto his hat so that the breeze couldn’t steal it. The wind blew harder. Eyes narrowed, A hazy drizzle of misty rain fell down the streets, making him shiver and cough. Cursing on everything he could. He made his coat fit tighter around his skinny figure. As he did that he almost lost his hat, he spotted something black and flapping on the pavement. An umbrella!

His mood changed instantly, the umbrella would be perfect! Feeling really happy that he found something to cover him, Mr Busch ran towards it and picked it up. The handle was broken but ‘’oh well’’, and the waterproof top had some scratches and holes in it.

As Mr Busch put it above his head, something weird happened. He began to feel lighter as he ran over the wet street. Lighter and lighter. He realised that his white trainers were no longer making contact with the street. He was flying! The wind lifted him up like as high as a medium skyscraper.

With a delighted and shocked shout, Mr Busch went down at the city underneath him. The lights looked awesome! Cars reminded him of ants and bugs crawling on a flat surface.

The wind blew him towards the park it was the only piece of green in the entire city. Holding on to the umbrella tightly, he flew towards two bronze statues of lions guarding the park. Mr Busch outstretched his free hand, because he started getting cramps.

Still the wind carried him on. He looked back at the now still statues. The wind uplifted him higher and higher again. A white owl flew past Mr Busch like a ghost. His heart pounded crazy fast, He was really shook because of what just happened

As he flew, he scanned the luminated city for his house. There it is! He gently positioned the umbrella so that he would land at his house. The wind suddenly stopped. And Mr Busch landed outside his house. He looked around to check that nobody had noticed him doing such a weird thing, before making his way up the driveway. He took moment to realise what just happened. As he stood in front of his garage, he folded the umbrella up and smiled as he thought about what he could tell his friends at work tomorrow.

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