Short Story

Short Story

Short Story


(based on the TV show “Scream Queens”)


It’s a hot summer night in New Orleans. 19-year-old Vanessa Brooklyn who just got back from her job at a local coffee place has her life going into the right direction. She’s going college. Has an amazing supportive group of friends and family and has now joined a sorority. Vanessa puts her long wavy brown hair into a ponytail and opens the large wooden door of the sorority home. As she walks through the large expensive looking hallway she hears a few heels walk down the marble stairs. Vanessa turns around to see Gucci, a blonde tall girl in a pink fur coat. With her Minions…. I mean friends, walk down the stairs. With a judgy facial expression Gucci scans Vanessa from head to toe. She’s the owner of the sorority, but she likes to be referred to as the “The Queen”. “I told you to bring be me an iced coffee… So, where is it?’” Gucci annoyingly says.  Vanessa forgot about it on purpose cause she and Gucci aren’t the best of friends. Vanessa walks to the other girls of the sorority and noticed that one of the girls was missing. “where is Kaitlyn?” Vanessa asks. No one seems to know where she is. Vanessa decided to look for her inside the house. The house was extremely big so that alone would take quite some time.


Vanessa walked into Kaitlyn’s room to find a red latex glove on her bed, the glove was placed to make it point right at the bathroom door. Vanessa slowly walks towards the bathroom door and grabs the cold doorknob. She slowly turns it to left and a chilly creaking sound appears. Before opening the door, she calls for Kaitlyn’s name but without response. Vanessa opens the bathroom door and walks into the dark room. She tries to reach the light switch and notices that she touched something wet on the wall. She pulls her hand back and falls back in shock as she noticed that the liquid on her hand was blood.  Vanessa hesitates. She scared to turn on the light since she doesn’t know what she’ll find in the bathroom when she turns on the light.  Vanessa turns on the lights and sees a foot hanging from underneath the shower curtain. “Kaitlyn is that you?” Vanessa Asks with a shaky voice. No response. Vanessa walks towards the bathtub and slowly peaks through the curtain… Vanessa screams as she saw the disfigured body of Kaitlyn laying in the bathtub


Vanessa runs down the stairs to tell the other girls what she saw and they decide to call the police. While on the phone with the police a loud scream can be heard coming from the kitchen where Gucci #2, one of Gucci’s friends just went to, to get some water. All the girls sprinted to the kitchen but when they Arrived Gucci #2 has vanished and a red latex boot was put in the sink. Vanessa picked up the boot and noticed that something was inside of it… a note. Vanessa quickly opened it and read the following words “I will get you all one by one. Gucci started to panic but before they could even process what happened, a chainsaw could be heard getting turned on and it sounded like it was coming from the living room.



To be continued….

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