Engels Short story

Engels Short story

Chloe’s story

The alarm rang, another early morning. a cold breeze came towards me when I got out of bed. I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and got ready for work. I tied my long black hair in a bun, I’d put some deep red lipstick on and went downstairs. my mom and little sister were having breakfast, I didn’t have time for breakfast today, I had to get to work.

I have to take care of my family since my dad passed away. my sister is too young to be home alone, and she surely needs a mother in her life. I started working at the age of 16. I’m working at a diner called Pop’s. it’s open for 24 hours a day, it’s also a common meeting place for everyone in this little paper town, in the Southern of the United States. Now that I’m 18, I’m old enough to ride a motorcycle, the one my dad used to ride on. I used all the tips I got, for gasoline and checkups. This motorcycle is the only thing I have left of my dad.

“hi, how are Y’all doing?” I said to my mom and little sister. My sister laughed at my Southern accent, I always do it on purpose when she’s near me. She looks a lot like my dad, she has the same charming smile and she has adorable little teeth. “Hi honey, I’m as happy as a tick on a dog”1 * my mom said. “you’re working so hard for us, you’re a strong woman Chloe”.  I looked at my mom, we look much alike, the same pale skin, long black hair and bright blue eyes. But there’s one thing that’s different. The look on my mom’s face, it has changed. Was it a broken look? Maybe unhappy? The spark in her eyes has disappeared. Ever since my dad died, everything changed.

I looked around the kitchen, there’s an old, small fridge in the corner next to the entrance. My mom was standing at the kitchen counter. Eating her eggs with bacon. “I’ll be going now mom, see you later this evening!”. “Don’t go on a late motorcycle trip, ya hear!” 2* she answered. “no, I won’t mom. oh and, I love you little monkey!” I took a quick look at my little sister, she was still eating her eggs and bacon, she really does remind me of a little monkey.

I walked to the garage to get my motorcycle, I could see my reflection in it. I honestly think that I look like a big white blurry figure in the motorcycle because of the snow-white skin and black hair. It is very feminine, even though I tried to act very tough, I’m not succeeding with it. bikers laugh at me, “go home little girl, you aren’t supposed to play with your dad’s toys”. They were always mocking me. but every time that I’m was the edge of giving up, the last words of my dad were going through my mind. “Take care of your mother and watch over your sister. You’re the strongest Chloe, you’ll be fine”.

 1* “I’m as happy as a tick on a dog” meaning: being happy. Southern slang

2* “Ya hear?” meaning: you want someone to come back soon. Southern slang

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