diary fragment

diary fragment

Diary fragment Halloween


Dear diary,

This morning, I woke and it felt like there was something wrong. When i got downstairs our tv and computer was stolen. I shouted as loud as I could MOM! DAD! Our stuff has been stolen. My mom called the police and within 10 minutes they were standing in our living room. I got up to school because today is Halloween and me and some friends are going camping in an old scary abandoned house. After school we went to the store to get some food and liquor. When the night was falling we went outside to care some kids. We went to the playground and then we saw something weird. We saw a man standing in front of the slide, suddenly he was decapitated. I shouted: RUN! And we all ran away. We went inside the house and we closed the door, then a phone ringed. It’s coming from the house I said.

I picked up and it was a creepy male voice who said that he was going to come after us and kill us one by one, then he hang up and I placed the phone back on the dialer.

We wanted to call the police but nobody had any signal at all on their phone.

Then we agreed to check out the house and maybe we will find some weapons we can use when this man is coming.


When we got downstairs I found an old dusty book. When I opened the book there were some names in it, then a few pages later I saw our names in it. One by one our names were written down.

We then heard a noise coming from the floor above us, and we heard footsteps. Big hard footsteps. We saw a shadow coming from the door and we heard the steps coming closer and closer. I decided to hide behind an old couch which was very worn out.

There was hole in the couch so I could see where the killer was. Suddenly I didn’t saw him anymore. My breath was loud and heavy, adrenaline pumping trough my veins.

Then the footsteps got softer and I realized the man was going back upstairs.

Just when I wanted to walk away I felt a sharp sticking pain in my thigh. It was a big knife. I felt to the ground, then I woke up and I realized it was all a dream.


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